Now the company has received new finance from Triodos to help expand its team and develop its range of bags – all with the ultimate aim of saving more plastic from going to landfill.

Creativity and kindness  

Kind Bag was founded in Hackney, East London in 2019, and now creates a wide range of sustainable bags, from backpacks to pouches, and laptop sleeves to totes. The colourful, patterned designs are centred around the idea that being sustainable does not mean forgoing a love of fashion, but that we do need to be more aware of the waste that comes out of our wardrobe.   

Making its bags from 100% recycled plastic bottles and sustainable materials, Kind Bag places an emphasis on functionality and beauty – but also a lower carbon footprint. Some ‘eco’ bags are not actually being the best choice for the environment, with cotton and paper bags emitting a higher amount of carbon than Kind Bag’s recycled designs.  

The company has a large focus on ethics and sustainability, working to reduce the 92 million tonnes of textile waste created annually from the fashion industry, and focusing on maintaining a sustainable and ethical supply chain. 

Kind Bag’s beginnings  

Maria Rodriguez, the founder of Kind Bag, started the business with a mission to combat plastic pollution. Growing up in Tenerife, and surrounded by beautiful ocean, she developed an early appreciation for the natural world. However, it wasn’t until Maria went travelling around Asia and she saw the eye-opening effects of plastic pollution that she decided to focus all her efforts on designing a product to help reduce plastic waste.  

The company estimates that it has prevented over three million plastic bottles from going to landfill and the ocean since its launch. 

There is a focus on championing people, as well as the environment. Kind Bag is currently an all-female, multi-cultural team that actively aims to support and collaborate with female artists, including illustrators Roeqiya Fris and Maggie Stephenson on two ranges of printed shopping bags.  

Looking ahead 

“We are excited to grow the business even more,” explains Maria Rodriguez, CEO of Kind Bag. “We are all looking forward to bringing unique and stylish yet ethical and environmentally friendly accessories to a wider audience. We are pleased to be working with Triodos, a bank that fully understands our social and environmental mission. Good ethics is at the core of what we do.”

Kind Bag has come a long way since its foundations, with its products currently sold by a range of well-known retailers such as Selfridges, Waterstones and Anthropologie, exporting to over 25 countries worldwide. It has now secured lending from Triodos to help grow its business further.