Since the charity was founded in 2009, Jamie’s Farm has empowered approximately 13,000 disadvantaged young people, instilling self-confidence and improved behaviour via a unique approach of family, farming and therapy.

A catalyst for positive change

Jamie’s Farm serves as a driving force for positive change, particularly in the lives of young people helping them discover their best selves. The experience of facing challenges at the farm instils a sense of confidence, providing them with tools for overcoming obstacles throughout their life.

One of the popular programs at the farms is the residential stay. Young people visit for five days and during their time they engage in activities including farming, cooking for their peers, log chopping and daily walks.

Aside from the physical activities, an important aspect of their stay are the daily reflective conversations held around the table at every meal. Here, they share their highlights and gratitude. These discussions play a key role in helping them adopt new behaviour patterns to take away with them.

Further proving their dedication to young people's development, Jamie's Farm has created an alumni ambassador scheme and apprenticeship programme to seamlessly connect the five-day farm experience with continued growth. This enables programme graduates to return as mentors and develop crucial life skills through hands-on work and community involvement.

One remarkable statistic to highlight is that 75% of children at risk of exclusion were no longer at risk six months after their experience at Jamie’s Farm.

Its latest chapter

Now, a new chapter unfolds as the organisation sets roots down in its newest location. Lower Shockerwick is set in the beautiful Box Valley, five miles outside Bath and neighbours the original Hill House Farm, where the charity and Triodos’ relationship was initially cultivated.

The 200-acre farm includes a four-bedroom seventeenth century house, a cottage, and barns, all of which will be adapted with the help of HRA Architects for use by visiting school children, with residential visits starting in Autumn 2024. The new site has been purchased with lending from Triodos Bank, plus fundraised income.

With the addition of the Lower Shockerwick farm, Jamie’s Farm can now help 450 more young people annually, meeting the rising demand from schools and local authorities.

‘It is a dream come true and a significant opportunity to expand our therapeutic programmes for young people facing tough challenges. The farms history and beauty will come to life as we collaborate with young people and extend our regenerative farming practices throughout the land’ says Jamie Feilden, CEO and co-founder of Jamie’s Farm.