Triodos Bank has been named as the most active lead arranger globally by the total number of clean energy deals executed in the past year. After funding 140 projects in 2022, with a total value of over half a billion US dollars, we claimed the top spot for leading the way in financing clean energy projects. The deals include traditional renewables such as onshore wind, solar and hydro, as well as EV charging, battery storage and energy efficiency projects.

Here, we explore a range of exciting and innovative energy initiatives from across the world, all of which have received recent backing through loans from Triodos Bank or investments facilitated by Triodos Investment Management.  

Forest: environmentally responsible e-bike operator

Forest is a London-based e-bike and e-moped sharing company powered by renewable energy. The company has a strong focus on sustainability, providing its riders with an alternative mode of transport and improving the urban environment.

Lending from Triodos Bank UK has helped Forest in their mission to address the major challenges of city life by reducing traffic, air pollution, noise and land usage while also bettering health and wellbeing.

Forest also boasts a B Corp status, reflecting its dedication to positive and environmental impacts.

Solarbuild: access to affordable solar energy for Belgian households and SMEs

EnergyVision has been developing solar energy projects for households and SMEs in Brussels and Flanders for over almost a decade. Through its innovative business model, EnergyVision enables households to benefit from greener energy without having to invest in the installation, with EnergyVision repaying its investment through green certificates. More than 7,000 Brussels families have already benefited from this scheme. Triodos Bank is financing solar energy projects for both households and SMEs.

Solar thermal park Dorkwerd: supplying sustainable heat to the city of Groningen

This solar thermal park will generate heat, rather than electricity, for businesses and homes across the Dutch city of Groningen. The innovative project will be built on a former dredging depot in Dorkwerd and water that runs along the solar collectors heats up to about 85 degrees Celsius on a sunny day.

The solar thermal park will be the largest in the Netherlands and aims to provide heat to 2,500 connected households in Groningen. 

Nexwell Power: photovoltaic solar plants

In Spain, Triodos has financed several solar projects totalling 52.4 MWp (Megawatt peak) for a total of 31.8 million euros.

The plants are located in various cities and started generating energy at the end of 2022. The construction of renewable energy plants is a key activity within Nexwell Power's strategy to significantly and measurably reduce emissions, contribute to improving the environment and defend biodiversity, while providing clean and secure energy in the long term to people and businesses. The plants will generate enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 26,000 households.

Sheriffhales: community solar reinvesting in local people

Triodos Bank UK is proud to support a number of community energy schemes, one of which is Sheriffhales. Lending from Triodos Bank UK allowed the community to bring a local solar park into 100% community ownership. With the new finance arrangements, the company expects to generate around £1 million surplus to be reinvested into community projects over the solar farm’s expected operating life through to 2040.

Sheriffhales is located on the eastern side of Shropshire, UK – its parish has a population of around 700 people – yet it’s making a big impact with its forward-thinking approach to community support.