The finance sector has a large role to play in our earth's future and that of future generations living on it. Unfortunately, though, the way our economy currently operates isn’t helping us to build a better world.

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This means Triodos Bank’s mission – to make money work for positive change – is more relevant than ever.

Our annual online event, Let's Talk Impact, is set to focus on the world we’re creating for future generations. The theme for this event is 'thriving people, on a thriving planet'.

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While we actively call for a different way to bank, what are we doing to support a future where children and young people can flourish on a thriving planet?

Supporting future generations now

Much of our work is future-focused – we invest in businesses and charities that are creating the right conditions for children to develop and prosper.

A Triodos loan to Gympanzees, a multi-award-winning charity, is helping them to create a state-of-the-art leisure centre for disabled children and young people in South Gloucestershire.

Another loan to Jamie’s Farm, a farm and charity that provides therapeutic programmes for young people facing tough challenges, has helped them to purchase a new 200-acre site. As a result, they will be able to host 450 more young people each year – and so will meet the rising demand from schools and local authorities for their services.

We provide Triodos Bank customers with opportunities to choose social projects to invest in too.

Via our crowdfunding platform, Triodos' customers invested £3 million towards a £16.5m community and activity village in Newark-on-Trent. It is being developed by Nottinghamshire YMCA, in close partnership with the local authority, and will empower young people across the region to make better life decisions in adulthood.

Paces Sheffield, a charity for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological motor disorders, also crowdfunded £1.5 million to support a new location to build a specialist school offering life-changing skills.

Providing investments in children’s health, education and wellbeing

For customers who want their money to help people and the planet to thrive, but don’t necessarily want to choose individual projects to support, we offer award-winning Triodos Impact Investment Funds. Our expert fund managers select the stock market listed companies and bonds to invest in.

Please keep in mind that this is not advice or a recommendation to invest. All investments involve the risk that you could lose money and not get back as much as you invest. 

The Triodos Future Generations Fund, which specifically invests in creating a better world for children of today, is our newest fund to launch in the UK.

In addition to excluding activities that harm people and the environment, this fund selects companies that demonstrably contribute to improved child welfare, such as good nutrition, hygiene and clean drinking water. 

An organisation driven by our values

We don’t just invest in other companies making a positive contribution towards a more sustainable and inclusive future economy, we ensure that every decision we make as a company does this, too.

For example, last year, we became proud partners of Babbasa, an organisation that has been working to tackle challenges for young people in Bristol’s diverse inner city communities for more than a decade. They provide our co-workers with training and recruitment support, helping us to reach more young people from diverse communities and enabling them to thrive within our team.

We’re also a certified B Corporation, joining a community of like-minded businesses driving the shift to a new kind of economy that is better for workers, better for communities and better for the environment.